deal with knot and add a yarn ball

Yarn is made by winding many small bundles of fibers together, so it's common to encounter joints. There's no such thing as an infinite length of yarn. Sometimes you might get a skein with no joints, and sometimes you might get one with a few. However, we have prepared a video tutorial on how to handle yarn joints, which you can find in Crochet 101.


The first way is to continue crocheting and hide the knot on the wrong side of the amigurumi.

The knot is put on the wrong side so that when the piece is finished you cannot see the knot from the right side.

The second way is to leave about 6 inches of yarn, then cut off the knot, add a new yarn ball and continue crocheting.

Crochet sc with old yarn, and stop halfway with 2 loops on the hook.
Drop old yarn, and pick up new yarn. Place new yarn on wrong side, and pinch it with your middle finger and thumb.

Do a yarn over and bring the yarn through the loops on the hook.

Pull the old yarn to tighten. Now we have added a yarn ball.