Welcome to our Crochet 101! This page features beginner-friendly tutorial videos that cover the basics of crochet techniques and tips. If you've never made a crochet doll before, we recommend starting here.

Crochet 101

Basic stitches tutorial 

How to read a pattern

Patterns always use abbreviations and special formats to express. So you need to spend some time learning the meaning of each acronym.

Hold a hook & yarn

How to hold a hook and yarn is the first and first thing of crochet.

How to use the markers

You may get lost in a lot of stitches. Using a marker can help you to remember which stitch is the first stitch.

Back & front loop only (BLO & FLO)

One stitch is made up of 2 loops. The loop close to you is FLO, and the loop further away from you is BLO.

Wrong side and right side

When you have crocheted some rounds, you may be confused about which side should be facing out. After finishing your work, the right side should face out.

Basic Stitches

Magic ring (MR)

The magic ring is also called a magic loop, or magic circle. This is a popular way to start round crochet pieces.

Chain (ch)

A simple stitch looks like a braid. Sometimes we do a chain at the end to secure the piece.

Slip stitch (sl)

In a joined round, we often do a slip stitch to end the round.

Single crochet (sc)

The basic stitch for crochet. It is used a lot in amigurumi.

Double crochet (dc)

Double crochet is the upgrade of single crochet. It always yarn over first before the hook inserts the next stitch.

Half double crochet (hdc)

The half-double crochet is between the single crochet and double crochet.

Triple Stitch(tr)

Triple Stitch(tr)

Increase (inc)

The increase is to crochet 2 single crochet in the same stitch hole.

Invisible decrease (dec)

The invisible decrease can make the hole smaller than decrease stitch. Using the invisible decrease stitch let the piece look more beautiful.

Decrease (dec)

The decrease is to turn 2 stitches into 1 stitch.

Picot (p)

Picot (p)

3 sc in 1 st

3 sc in 1 st

Crochet Tips

Yarn over (yo)

It's a very basic building block. You will do Yo in every stitch.

How to change yarn's color

If you want your amigurumi more colorful, you will change your yarn's color during crochet.

Make a slip knot

Usually, when we start with chains, we will make a slip knot.

Fasten off

After completing the piece, fasten off to secure the piece.

Weave in ends

The yarn tail is very long after crocheting, which affects the appearance. Come learn how to weave in ends.

Close a ball

Is there still a hole after finishing the pattern? It's normal. Learn to close a ball.

How to undo stitches

Make a mistake? Unsatisfied with the stitches? Don't worry. Just undo to re-crochet.

Sewing to the piece

After finishing the ears, the mouth, the belly, etc. You will sew them to the body.

Deal with the knot

The manufacturing process of yarn determines that there is a chance of having a knot of a yarn ball. But don't worry, here are two tips to help you deal with the knot.