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  • [Crochet Doll Kit]:Introduce angle doll,The Eucharist Angel doll symbolizes the blessing and protection of angels. In the Christian faith, angels are seen as messengers sent by God who convey God's love and care. The Eucharist Angel doll conveys God's blessings and grace to people through its holy and pure image.
  • [Complete Kit for Your Creativity]: CROCHET BOX's amigurumi crochet kit includes all the essential elements for crafting adorable amigurumi, such as a hook, yarn, stuffing, safety eyes, video tutorials, and comprehensive instructions. By conveniently packaging all the necessary tools together, we streamline your experience, eliminating the need to hunt for individual components.
  • [Video & PDF & Instruction Tutorials]: The beginner crochet kit also includes detailed video, PDF, and printed tutorials to guide you through the process of making your own amigurumi, even if you're a beginner. With step-by-step video instructions and helpful tips, you'll be able to easily master the techniques needed to create these charming creatures.
  • [High-Quality Yarn and Hook]: CrochetBox uses specially designed yarn that is smooth, doesn't split, and produces crisp, clean stitches. The ergonomic hook handle ensures a comfortable and enjoyable crocheting experience.
  • [First Round Pre-Crocheted]: We understand that starting a new craft can be intimidating, so our beginner crochet kit comes with the first round already crocheted for you, allowing you to jump right in and start crocheting on the second round. You can find the first round in the middle of the yarn ball. This feature significantly reduces the learning curve and gives you the confidence to keep going.
  • [The Healing Power of Crochet]: Discover the calming and soothing benefits of crochet. It's a perfect way to find peace, relieve anxiety, and enhance meditation and focus. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic world of crochet and experience the profound sense of tranquility it brings.